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My Digital Future
Because I Can
Do More

Win a Fellowship to learn valuable digital skills from the EPFL Extension School.

The My Digital Future Fellowship gives you the opportunity to learn valuable digital and web development skills by following up to six courses in web development. All are self-paced, 100% online and taught by the EPFL Extension School. The Fellowship is generously funded by the SwissUp! Foundation.

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Who Should Apply

My Digital Future is for anyone with drive, determination and the desire to do something more.

  • Do you have an idea for a digital product or service that you want  to bring to life?
  • Do you know you have potential to do far more than your current job asks of you?
  • Do you want to learn digital skills to expand your professional and personal horizons?
  • Are you are worried that you will be left behind in the digital age?

The My Digital Future Fellowship gives you the opportunity to learn valuable digital skills, regardless of your educational or professional background.

With personal support from instructors and hands-on project work, you’ll gain the foundational digital literacy you need to improve your professional opportunities and take on new challenges.

This is your chance to create your digital future.

The Learning Path

As My Digital Future Fellow, you’ll have access to a learning path of six online courses designed to give you applied digital and web development skills – no matter your educational or professional background.

The courses will take you on a path from digital literacy, to competency, to mastery.

Although we highly recommend that Fellows complete the entire learning path, Fellows are not obliged to complete all six courses or the capstone project.

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Foundations of Digital Literacy icon

Course 01.

Foundations of Digital Literacy

Gain an understanding of computers, the Internet and the online world by building basic websites.

Course 02.

Foundations of Programming

Learn to use code to solve problems and create solutions.

Foundations of Programming icon
Responsive Web Design icon

Course 03.

Responsive Web Design

Build on your foundational knowledge and gain the skills to build well-structured and responsive websites.

Course 04.

Interactive Websites

Learn to manipulate elements of your web pages and make them dynamic.

Interactive Websites icon
Web Application Programming icon

Course 05.

Web Application Programming

Enhance your your web development skills by building an interactive web application.

Course 06.

Dynamic Web Applications

Learn how to use rich features to create dynamic web applications.

Dynamic Web Applications icon
Capstone Project icon

Capstone Project

Develop a fully-functional web application that demonstrates the collective skills you’ve gained during your learning journey.

The My Digital Future team

About the EPFL and the EPFL Extension School

The EPFL Extension School is part of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of Europe’s leading technical universities.

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Our online courses and programs are the same quality as our world-class on-campus EPFL degree programs. With 1-1 support from instructors and hands-on projects, we help learners develop applied digital skills and practical knowledge.