Applications for the My Digital Future Fellowship are now closed.

About The Fellowship

The EPFL Extension School created the My Digital Future Fellowship to provide selected Swiss residents the chance to develop their talents and expand their professional and personal horizons. All you need to contribute is your energy and your time. Everything else is free.

Community of learners

As you progress through each course, you’ll get regular, personalized support from our course instructor teams. You’ll also be able to increase your hands-on knowledge through multiple, practical projects. Once you have finished the courses, the capstone project gives you the opportunity to develop an idea for a web application of your own, with the same level of support from our instructors to help you succeed.

This is your chance to create your digital future.

Who Can Apply?

All Swiss residents aged 18 or over can apply, regardless of their educational or professional background.You don’t need to have digital skills already to become a Fellow: you will start courses at the beginner level and progressively gain hands-on knowledge and skills.

While there are no educational prerequisites, all courses and learner support are in English. A B1 level in English is a requirement to ensure you are able to get the most from this experience.

The Learning Path

As a My Digital Future Fellow, you’ll have access to a learning path of six online courses designed to give you applied digital and web development skills – no matter your educational or professional background.

Although we highly recommend that Fellows complete the entire learning path, Fellows are not obliged to complete all six courses or the capstone project.

Learn more about the courses
Foundations of Digital Literacy icon

Course 01.

Foundations of Digital Literacy

Gain an understanding of computers, the Internet and the online world by building basic websites.

Course 02.

Foundations of Programming

Learn to use code to solve problems and create solutions.

Foundations of Programming icon
Responsive Web Design icon

Course 03.

Responsive Web Design

Build on your foundational knowledge and gain the skills to build well-structured and responsive websites.

Course 04.

Interactive Websites

Learn to manipulate elements of your web pages and make them dynamic.

Interactive Websites icon
Web Application Programming icon

Course 05.

Web Application Programming

Enhance your your web development skills by building an interactive web application.

Course 06.

Dynamic Web Applications

Learn how to use rich features to create dynamic web applications.

Dynamic Web Applications icon
Capstone Project icon

Capstone Project

Develop a fully-functional web application that demonstrates the collective skills you’ve gained during your learning journey.