Applications for the My Digital Future Fellowship are now closed.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the My Digital Future Fellowship and include your use of the website and any subdomains thereof (the “MDF Site”) and your application to the Fellowship, as well as newsletters, marketing and other communications services (collectively, the “Services”) offered by the EPFL Extension School (“EXTS”, “us” or “we”).

By choosing to use the Services and submit an application to the My Digital Future Fellowship, you agree to abide by and accept all of the Terms and Conditions defined below.

  1. The Fellowship
    1. The My Digital Future Fellowship (the "Fellowship") is offered by the EPFL Extension School.
    2. The Fellowship will be awarded to up to 100 selected candidates ("Fellows").
    3. The Fellowship consists of financial sponsorship of subscription fees for a Fellow to access up to six online courses and a capstone project in digital literacy and web development.
    4. The six courses have been identified by the EPFL Extension School and have been communicated on the MDF Site. They cannot be substituted by other courses offered by the EPFL Extension School. They must be followed in the order specified on the MDF Site.
    5. Fellows must successfully pass a course to be given access to the subsequent one.
    6. Individuals who have already successfully completed a course or courses of the Fellowship prior to being selected as a Fellow may be allowed to access the subsequent course in the Fellowship without needing to repeat the course or courses they have already finished.
    7. Fellows who successfully complete all six courses and the capstone project will get a Certificate of Open Studies diploma and 15 ECTS credits from the EPFL.
    8. Fellows must complete the Foundations of Digital Literacy course within six months of starting the Fellowship. Fellows must complete each of the courses and the capstone project within 24 months of starting the Fellowship.
    9. Fellows are not required to complete all of the courses or the capstone project.
    10. Fellows who complete at least one course become alumni of the EPFL Extension School and benefit from the advantages of the alumni community.
    11. The Fellowship cannot be deferred or suspended.
    12. The sponsorship of the coursework ends:
      1. if the Fellow does not complete the Foundations of Digital Literacy course within six months of starting the Fellowship, or
      2. 24 months after the Fellow starts the Fellowship, whether or not coursework is completed, or
      3. when the Fellow completes the capstone project, or
      4. when the Fellow decides to quit, or
      5. if the Fellow is no longer a legal resident of Switzerland.
    13. Fellows who do not complete the coursework are not entitled to any monetary reward for the unused portion of the Fellowship.
  2. The MDF Site
    1. The MDF Site provides general information about the My Digital Future Fellowship and the application process.
    2. The MDF Site provides an interface for individuals to submit their dossier for consideration for the Fellowship. Applications must be submitted through the MDF Site.
  3. Conditions of Participation
    1. The Fellowship is open to all Swiss residents aged 18 or over.
    2. No previous academic or professional requirements apply.
    3. Applicants confirm that they have the pre-requisite level of English and the relevant computer hardware, software and Internet connection to follow the courses, submit project work, and participate in video chats. No technical equipment is offered as part of the Fellowship. Detail of these pre-requisites are on the The MDF Site.
  4. Application Process - General
    1. Your application must be completed and submitted online at the MDF Site.
    2. Access to the Services is provided on a best effort basis and we cannot guarantee that the MDF Site will be available at any time or for any period. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any technical issues you may encounter while trying to access the Site or submit your application.
    3. Applicants must provide personal information (see point 5 below), answer several screening questions, and upload a video testimonial. Details of the elements of the application process are on the MDF Site.
    4. The information provided in the application, including your answers to the screening questions and in the video you submit, must be in English.
    5. As part of the application process, applicants must confirm their acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of the My Digital Future Fellowship. By choosing to apply to the My Digital Future Fellowship, the candidates explicitly consent to the collection, processing and possible transfer of personal and sensitive personal data as described in the Privacy Policy.
    6. You are limited to one application submission. Multiple entries will disqualify all your submissions.
    7. Applications may be submitted as of the date indicated on the MDF Site.
    8. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    9. Applications will be accepted until the 100 Fellows are chosen or until the date defined on the MDF Site, whichever comes first.
  5. Application Process - Personal Information
    1. As part of the application process you will be asked to provide personal information and proof of identity and Swiss residency. Details are provided on the MDF Site and the Privacy Policy.
    2. You are responsible for ensuring that the personal information you submit is accurate. Your details will be used to contact you about your application. If you are selected as a Fellow, you must ensure that the e-mail and mailing address provided as part of the application and subsequent enrollment process is accurate and up to date, for the entire period of the Fellowship.
  6. Application Process - Video Submission
    1. You warrant that you are the individual who appears in the video you submit.
    2. The content of your video must adhere to the Video Submission Guidelines. Video submissions that do not follow these Guidelines will be disqualified.
    3. You hereby warrant that your video does not infringe on the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or other rights of any third party and that your content is your own original material.
    4. The personal and sensitive data included in the video will be collected and processed as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

  7. Application Review and Selection Process
    1. Applications will be reviewed and selected on a rolling basis by a selection team consisting of employees of the EPFL and of the EPFL Extension School. Each application will be reviewed by a minimum of two people and graded according to a list of specific, objective criteria.
    2. Fellows are chosen at the sole discretion of the selection team. The team will award the Fellowships on a first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to award fewer than 100 Fellowships, at our discretion.
    3. Selected Fellows will be notified of the selection team’s decision by e-mail and will have ten days to either accept or refuse the Fellowship. Failure to confirm acceptance within this time period may result in the Fellowship offer being withdrawn.
    4. Applicants who are not selected as Fellows will be notified by e-mail , without specific feedback on their application. The decision of the selection team is not subject to appeal.
  8. Use of Application Content and Testimonials
    1. The EPFL and EPFL Extension School will not use any information, content, or personal data provided in your application in its print and digital communications, publications, advertising and other media activities, including the Internet and social media, without your explicit, written consent.
    2. If you are selected as a Fellow, you agree that:
      1. You will provide a written, verbal or filmed feedback to the EPFL Extension School on a monthly basis for the duration of your participation in the Fellowship;
      2. You consent to having your photo taken by the EPFL and/or EPFL Extension School;
      3. Your project work throughout the Fellowship can be showcased by the EPFL and the EPFL Extension School;
      4. You will attend any and all Fellowship award ceremonies and events and give your permission to be interviewed, filmed and photographed during these events;
      5. You grant permission and consent for any and all testimonials by you, photographs and videos of you, content related to your project work, and/or reproductions of the digital media above as well as other related media and information to be used in part or in whole, in publications, in newspapers, magazines and other print media, on television, radio and on all forms of digital media (including e-mails and newsletters, the Internet and social media) and/or in communications for promotional and/or marketing purposes for the EPFL and/or the EPFL Extension School. You will receive digital copies of all photo or video materials in which you and/or your project work appear, if available.
      6. Personal and sensible data collected as per Section 8.2 will be processed as indicated in the Privacy Policy of the EPFL Extension School.
      7. You acknowledge that this usage of content will be without financial remuneration.
    3. Candidates who do not agree with one or more of the statements in section 8.2 may request a waiver of these terms by contacting us at We reserve the right to grant or refuse such a waiver at our discretion.
  9. Enrollment in the Fellowship Courses
    1. Fellows will be informed by e-mail of their expected date of enrollment in the first and all subsequent courses.
    2. Fellows must create a learner account on the EPFL Extension School platform to enroll and follow the courses. Fellows follow the same enrollment procedure as all other EPFL Extension School learners and must accept the Terms of Use of the EPFL Extension School to enroll.
    3. Fellows can abandon the Fellowship at any time by using the administrative tools in the EPFL Extension School learning platform to quit the course in which they are currently enrolled, or by contacting the EPFL Extension School at if they are in between courses. By quitting the course, and thereby the Fellowship, Fellows forfeit the rights to any future course funding.
  10. Other
    1. We may choose to award ancillary benefits as Fellows complete courses and programs, at our discretion. There is no guarantee of further benefits.
    2. If the ownership or proprietorship situation of the EPFL Extension School should change to another entity, all of the rights and obligations arising from this Agreement shall transfer to the new owner or proprietor. Fellows shall reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time after any change of ownership or proprietorship.
  11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    1. These Terms and Conditions and any part thereof shall exclusively be governed by and construed in accordance with Swiss law.
    2. The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the use of the Services is Lausanne, Switzerland.

Last updated: 31 May 2019