Applications for the My Digital Future Fellowship are now closed.

What You'll Learn

As a My Digital Future Fellow, you’ll have access to a learning path of six online courses designed to give you valuable, applied digital and web development skills – no matter your educational or professional background.

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The Fellowship starts with two foundational courses, covering the basics of computing and the Internet, how to build web pages, and the fundamentals of coding. These courses are designed for absolute beginners. The next two courses focus on the user experience and web page interactivity, taking your learning to the next level. The final courses take you behind the screen and guide you through the process of developing your own fully-functional, interactive web application.

Each course builds upon the previous learnings to add to your level of knowledge, programming ability and expertise. While you must take the courses in order, you can decide to stop your learning at any time.

The Fellowship culminates with a customized capstone project, allowing you to bring an idea for an interactive web application to life. By the end of the six courses and the capstone project, you will have a portfolio of projects to showcase your new talents, customized for your interests and needs. Fellows who successfully complete the entire learning path will also earn an official EPFL COS diploma in Web Application Development.

The Fellowship Curriculum

The courses of the My Digital Future Fellowship, like all the courses from the EPFL Extension School, are self-paced and 100% online, allowing you to study at the speed that works best for your personal and professional circumstances. You'll get personalized
 1-1 support and feedback from our instructor team as you follow the video trainings, written lessons and hands-on exercises as well as the course project work. And you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the EPFL Extension School for each course you succcessfully finish.

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Meet Your Instructors

As a Fellow, you’ll get 1-1 support from our dedicated team of instructors.


Nico Schuele

Nico has been a professional software developer for twenty years, building applications for Windows, Mac, phones, the web, and working for companies both big and small, including his own. He is entirely self-taught. Today, he spends his time developing courses and teaching at the EPFL Extension School and writing music for the media.


Catherine Brand

Catherine has been designing and developing websites for the past ten years, collaborating with both public and private institutions. She enjoys exploring new ways of telling stories on the web through animation and video. She also loves practicing Tai Chi and watching documentaries on food culture.


Neill Pearman

Neill has almost twenty years experience building web applications for different types of companies, which has led him to understand what matters when it comes to all aspects of web development. He's taught himself a lot of what he knows and enjoys improving his tech skills when he’s not cycling around the Alps.


Harry Anderson

Harry is a software engineer specializing in web technologies and user-interface development. In addition to developing colorful visual experiences, he also enjoys cycling through the countryside when the weather is good, and reading in a quiet café when it isn’t. Harry is fluent in English, French and German.